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    International Champions From LOL    

1951 Schmitt Brothers, Manitowoc County, WI
1952 Four Teens, Eau Claire Chapter (in Military Service)
1955 Janesville, WI Chorus
1975 Happiness Emporium, Minneapolis & St Paul Chapters

    Senior International Champions From LOL    

1990 - GRANDMA’S BEAU’s, Minneapolis, MN
2001 - HARMONY, Kenosha, WI
2003 - DOWNSTATE EXPRESS, Mankato, Winona, Rochester, MN

    LOL Representatives In The International Quartet Contest    

1946 at Clevelend, OH Hi-Los(M-5)
1947 at Milwaukee, WI Hi-Los(F), Atomic Bums
1948 at Oklahoma City, OK Atomic Bums(F), Cardinals, Milwaukeans
1949 at Buffalo, NY Hi-Los(F), Cardinals(F), Keynotes, Harmony Ltd
1950 at Omaha, NB Hi-Los(F), Cardinals(F), Atomic Bums(F)
1951 at Toldeo, OH Schmitt Brothers(M-1), Cardinals(F) Hi-Los, Sing-Capates
1952 at Kansas City, MO Cardinals(F), Atomic Bums, Sing-Capates, Harmony Ltd
1953 at Detroit, MI Sing-Capates(M-3), Atomic Bums(F), Cardinals(F) Whipchords
1954 at Washington, DC Cardinals(F), Agriculturists, Atomic Bums, 4 Bits of Harmony
1955 at Miami, FL Agriculturists, Atomic Bums, Blackhawks, Cardinals, Whipchords
1956 at Minneapolis, MN Lakeshore Four, Rhapsodies, Velvetones, Marqsmen
1957 at Los Angeles, CA Lakeshore Four, Atomic Bums, Rhapsodies, Agriculturists
1958 at Columbus, OH Hut-Four, Hi-Phonics, Lakes-Aires, Four Clips
1959 at Chicago, IL Hut-Four, Hi-Phonics, Rhapsodies, Cardinals
1960 at Dallas, TX Hut-Four, Mel-O-Dons, Lake-Aires
1961 at Philadelphia Hut-Four, Gate City Four, Astro-Notes, Badg-Aires
1962 at Kansas City, MO Four Clips, Hi-Phonics, Gate City Four, Badg-Aires
1963 at Toronto, ONT Four Clips, Hut-Four, Men of a Chord, Pine Tones
1964 at San Antonio, TX Fantastics (replaced by North Shore Serenaders), Hut-Four,
-----------Mel-O-Dons, Men of a Chord
1965 at Boston, MA Count IV, Fantastics, Gate City Four, Hut-Four
1966 at Chicago, IL Fanfares, Jubilaires, Woodsmen, Hut-Four
1967 at Los Angeles, CA Hut-Four, Gemini Crickets, Ellefson Bros, Velvetones
1968 at Cincinanati, OH Gemini Crickets, Ellefson Bros, Night Howls, Butter Chords
1969 at St Louis, MO Hut-Four, Gemini Crickets, Dairyland Delegates, Fanfares(F)
1970 at Atlantic City, NJ Gemini Crickets, Fanfares(F), Night Howls, Skyliners
1971 at New Orleans, LA Fanfares(F), Gemini Crickets, Grin AN Tonics, Skyliners
1972 at Atlanta, GA Fanfares(F), Red Barons, Night Howls, Sands of Time
1973 at Portland, OR Sands of Time, Roadrunners, Corporate Image, Happiness Emporium
1974 at Kansas City, MO Happiness Emporium(F), Roadrunners, Knights of Harmony, Corkers
1975 at Indianapolis, IN Happiness Emporium(M-1), Corporate Image, Harmony Galore Four,
-----------Farfares (replaced by alternate Roadrunners)
1976 at San Francisco, CA Corporate Image, Harmony Galore Four, Saturday Review, Talk of
-----------the Town
1977 at Philadelphia, PA Four in Accord, Roadrunners, Saturday Review, Talk of the Town
1978 at Cincinnati, OH Mavericks, Sound Gallery, Roadrunners, Ragtime
1979 at Minneapolis, MN Sound Gallery, Ring of Gold, Roadrunners, Ragtime
1980 at Salt Lake City, UT Command Performance, Talk of the Town, Roadrunners, Class
1981 at Detroit, MI Ring of Gold, Talk of the Town, Command Performance, Little Rascals
1982 at Pittsburgh, PA Little Rascals, Lectric Chord Co., Talk of the Town, Queen City Slickers
1983 at Seattle, WA Downstate Express, Little Rascals, Class Reunion, Ring of Gold
1984 at St Louis, MO Downstate Express, Talk of the Town, Class Reunion, Roadrunners
1985 at Minneapolis, MN Celebration, Harmony Works, Downstate Express, Ham 'N Wry
1986 at Salt Lake City, UT Harmony Works, Celebration, Northern Comfort, 'Lectric Chord Co.
1987 at Hartford, CT Celebration, Harmony Works, Northern Comfort, Grandstand
1988 at San Antonio, TX Celebration, Harmony Works, Grandad =s Bluff, Esprit de Corps
1989 at Kansas City, MO Celebration, Harmony Works, Grandstand
1990 at San Fransisco, CA Harmony Works, Celebration
1991 at Louisville, KY Harmony Works, Simply Grand, Esprit de Corps, The Peoples Choice
1992 at New Orleans, LA Esprit de Corps, Family Ties, Harmony Works, Simply Grand
1993 at Calgary, ALB Harmony Works, Excalibur, Prime Time, Family Ties
1994 at Pittsburgh, PA Excalibur, Harmony Works, Family Ties
1995 at Miami, FL State of the Art, Prime Time, Harmony Works, Excalibur
1996 at Salt Lake City, UT Prime Time, Harmony Works, Excalibur, Downstate Express
1997 at Indianapolis, IN Prime Time, Excalibur
1998 at Atlanta, GA Excalibur, Jackpot
1999 at Anaheim, CA Excalibur
2000 at Kansas City, MO Excalibur, Jackpot, Breakpoint, Checkmate, Trademark
2001 at Nashville, TN Excalibur, Breakpoint
2002 at Portland, OR Excalibur, Breakpoint, Innovation
2003 at Montreal, QB Excalibur, Breakpoint, Bravo!
2004 at Louisville, KY Bravo!
2005 at Salt Lake City, UT Quest, After Midnight
2006 at Indianapolis, IN Quest, Voices Only
2007 at Denver, Co Vocality, After Midnight
2008 at Nashville, TN Vocality, After Midnight, Main Street Station, Thunderbox
2009 at Anahiem, CA Voce, Vocality, X-Factor

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    LOL Senior Quartet Champions    

1990 - FINAL EDITION, Eau Claire, WI
1991 - APRIL SHOWERS, St Paul, MN
1992 - VINTAGE YEARS, St Paul, MN
1993 - “GRAND”” DAD”S, Milwaukee, WI
1994 - no contest
1995 - GAY 90's, Clara City, MN
1996 - SEASONED SOUND, St Croix-Hilltop, MN
1997 - SEASONED SOUND, St Croix-Hilltop, MN
1998 - NAPTIME, Fargo-Moorhead-Park Rapids, MN
1999 - HARMONY, Kenosha, WI
2000 - HARMONY, Kenosha, WI
2001 - THE OLDE TYMERS, Fox River Valley, WI
2002 - THE OLDE TYMERS, Fox River Valley, WI
2003 - DOWNSTATE EXPRESS, Mankato, Winona, Rochester, MN
2004 - TUNE X 4, St. Paul, MN
2005 - PERFECT TIMING, Fox River Valley, WI
2006 - AARPS-A-CHORD, Minneapolis, Hilltop, MN
2007 - FOUR OLDE TIMES SAKE, Winnipeg, MB
2008 - FOUR SEASONS, Bloomington, MN
2009 - EASY DAYS, Greendale, WI

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    LOL Representatives In The Society College Quartet Contest    

1992 - THE ACCIDENTALS - University of WISC, Whitewater
1992 - VARSITY DRAG - Mankato State University
1993 - THE BOOKENDS, Concordia College
1994 - THE BOOKENDS, Concordia College
1994 - 4 SCORE QUARTET, Appleton West High School
1995 - none competed
1996 - none competed
1997 - FREEFALL - Lawrence University **MBNA CBQC Champions that year**
1997 - THE POSTMASTERS, Concordia College
1997 - THE TONE CLUSTERS, Mankato State University
1998 - HIGH LIFE, Lindenwood Univsity
1998 - ELYSIUM, Lawrence University
1999 - REFLECTION, Lawrence University
2000 - REFLECTION, Lawrence University
2001 - REFLECTION, Lawrence University
2002 - DIE WUNDERKINDER, Lawrence University
2003 - DIE WUNDERKINDER, Lawrence University
2004 - EXPOSE', Lawerance University, UW Madison, UW Milwaukee, Hamilton ---------High School
2005 - EXPOSE', Lawerance University, UW Milwaukee, Hamilton High School
2006 - BEYOND CADENCE, UW River Falls
2007 - J-CREW, Brookfield, WI
2008 - 4th Floor

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    LOL Representatives In The Mid-Winter International Youth Chorus Contest    
      2008 - Oshkosh Alliance Chorus (Josh & Jake Oxley - Directors), Oshkosh, Wi
2009 - Wissota Chorus (Scott Perau - Director), River Falls, Wi
    LOL District Quartet Champions    

1945 - HI-LOS, Milwaukee, WI
1946 - KEY NOTES, Appleton, WI
1947 - CARDINALS, Madison, WI
1948 - HARMONY LIMITED, Green Bay, WI
1949 - ATOMIC BUMS, Minneapolis, MN
1950 - SCHMITT BROTHERS, Manitowoc, WI
1951 - SING-COPATES, Appleton, WI
1952 - AGRICULTURISTS, Janesville, WI
1953 - WHIPCHORDS, Janesville, WI
1954 - BLACK HAWKS, Janesville, WI
1955 - MARQSMEN, Milwaukee, WI
1956 - RHAPSODIES, Wisconsin Rapids, WI
1957 - LAKESHORE FOUR, Milwaukee, WI
1958 - HUT FOUR, Minneapolis, MN
1959 - HI-PHONICS, Milwaukee, WI
1960 - FOUR CLIPS, Green Bay, WI
1961 - GATE CITY FOUR, Fargo, ND
1962 - BADG-AIRES, Madison, WI
1963 - FANTASTICS, Madison, Wauwatosa, Menomonie Falls, WI
1964 - COUNT IV, Wauwatosa-Waukesha, WI
1965 - FANFARES - Waukesha, WI
1966 - JUBILAIRES - Bloomington, MN
1967 - GEMINI CRICKETS, Rochester, MN
1969 - GRIN >N TONICS, Oshkosh-Appleton, WI
1970 - SKYLINERS, Racine, WI
1971 - RED BARONS, Minneapolis, MN
1972 - ROADRUNNERS, Minneapolis, MN
1973 - HAPPINESS EMPORIUM, Minneapolis-St Paul, MN
1974 - CORPORATE IMAGE, St Paul-Minneapolis, MN
1975 - HARMONY GALORE FOUR - Minneapolis-Minnetonka, MN
1976 - TALK OF THE TOWN, St Croix Valley-Minneapolis, MN
1977 - MAVERICKS, Racine, WI
1978 - SOUND GALLERY, Manitowoc-Plymouth-Greendale, WI
1979 - RING OF GOLD, Mankato-Minnetonka, MN
1980 - COMMAND PERFORMANCE - Stevens Point, WI
1981 - LITTLE RASCALS, St Paul-Minneapolis, MN
1982 - DOWNSTATE EXPRESS, Mankato, Rochester, Winona, MN
1983 - CLASS REUNION, St Paul, MN
1984 - SPECIAL EDITION, Rochester, MN
1985 - HARMONY WORKS, Minneapolis, MN
1987 - GRANDSTAND, Hilltop, MN
1988 - GRANDAD =S BLUFF, LaCrosse, WI
1989 - ESPRIT DE CORPS, Gr St Paul, MN
1990 - SIMPLY GRAND, LaCrosse, WI
1991 - FAMILY TIES, Rock Valley, WI
1993 - EXCALIBUR, Hilltop, MN
1994 - PRIME TIME, Hilltop, MN
1995 - STATE OF THE ART, Albert Lea, MN
1996 - CHECKMATE, Greendale, WI
1997 - JACKPOT, Greendale, WI
1998 - BREAKPOINT, Fargo-Moorhead, ND
1999 - TRADEMARK, Hilltop, MN
2000 - INNOVATION, Hilltop-Rochester, MN
2001 - BRAVO!, Hilltop, MN
2002 - MIDNIGHT WATCHMEN, Eau Claire-LaCrosse, WI
2003 - NOUVEAU, Gr St Paul-Hilltop
2004 - QUEST, Frank Thorne, Hilltop & LaCrosse
2005 - AFTER MIDNIGHT, Hilltop
2006 - VOICES ONLY, Greendale & Fox River Valley, WI
2007 - VOCALITY, Hilltop & LaCrosse
2008 - X-FACTOR, Rochester & Frank Thorne
2009 - EXPEDITION. Greendale & Hilltop

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    LOL Representatives In The Society Chorus Contest    
    1953 at Detroit, MI
1954 at Washington, DC
1955 at Miami, FL
1956 at Minneapolis
1956 at Los Angeles
1958 at Columbus, OH
1959 at Chicago, IL
1960 at Dallas, TX
1961 at Philadelphia, PA
1962 at Kansas City, MO
1963 at Toronto, ONT
1964 at San Antonio, TX
1965 at Boston, MA
1966 at Chicago, IL
1967 at Los Angeles, CA
1968 at Cincinnati, OH
1969 at St Louis, MO
1970 at Atlantic City, NJ
1971 at New Orleans, LA
1972 at Atlanta, GA
1973 at Portland, OR
1974 at Kansas City, MO
1975 at Indianapolis, IN
1976 at San Fransisco, CA
1977 at Philadelphia, PA
1978 at Cincinnati, OH
1979 at Minneapolis, MN
1980 at Salt Lake City, UT
1981 at Detroit, MI
1982 at Pittsburgh, PA
1983 at Seattle, WA
1984 at St Louis, MO
1985 at Minneapolis, MN
1986 at Salt Lake City, UT
1987 at Hartford, CT
1988 at San Antonio, TX
1989 at Kansas City, MO
1990 at San Francisco, CA
1991 at Louisville, KY
1992 at New Orleans, LA
1993 at Calgary, AL
1994 at Pittsburgh, PA
1995 at Miami Beach, FL
1996 at Salt Lake City, UT
1997 at Indianapolis, IN
1998 at Atlanta, GA
1999 at Anaheim, CA
2000 at Kansas City, MN
2001 at Nashville, TN
2002 at Portland, OR
2003 at Montreal, QB
2004 at Lousiville, KY
2005 at Salt Lake City, UT
2006 at Indianapolis, IN
2007 at Denver, CO
2008 at Nashville, TN
2009 at Anahiem, CA
JANESVILLE (1 st Place)
MINNEAPOLIS (5 th place)
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    LOL Historical Highlights    

1943 We start with Racine (Chapter # 1)

1945 Wisconsin Association of Chapters formed at Milwaukee following meeting at Appelton. First District Quartet contest held at Milwaukee.

1946 First District Chorus contest of entire Society held at Oshkosh, WI

1947 Name of District changed to Land O’Lakes District Assn of Chapters and later enlarged to include MN and Upper Penninsula of MI. Int’l Convention held at Milwaukee. Milwaukee Chorus introduces Willis Diekema’s “Keep America Singing.”

1948 O.H.King Cole of Manitowoc and Sheboygan chapters elected International President. International Home Building Fund started with contribution by Sheboygan chapter. Manitoba added to LO’L Assn.

1949 Acheivement Awards to chapters inaugurated. O.H.King Cole reelected Int’l President. First District Directory published.

1950 Harmony News, first district monthly publication of entire Society published with Hans Beyer as editor. North Dakota, Saskatchewan and counties of Kenora, Thunder Bay and Rainy River in Ontario added to L O’L.

1951 Schmitt Brothers crowned International Champs at Toledo. LO’L Incorporated.

1952 Four Teens, members of Eau Claire chapter, while in military service crowned International Champs at Kansas City.

1953 John Z Means of Manitowoc chapter elected International President.

1954 Int’l Mid-Winter convention held in Minneapolis. LO’L largest district with 2669.

1955 Janesville, WI chorus crowned International Champs. LOL BOTY award inaugurated.

1956 International Convention held in Minneapolis.

1957 International Headquarters moves to Kenosha, WI.

1958 District reorganized into 5 regions, each supervised by a Vice President.

1959 Hans Beyer retires as Editor of Harmony News after 10 years. Floyd Olson takes over.

1960 Harmony train to Winnipeg for convention and contest. Pitch Piper new name for the District publication.

1961 District President Leo Fobart appointed associate editor of Harmonizer. Int’l Mid-winter Convention held in Milwaukee.

1962 Dan Waselchuk, Green Bay, elected First Vice President of Society and Calmer Browy of Madison is historian. Minneapolis Commodores Chorus wins fifth at Kansas City.

1963 Dan Waselchuk, Green Bay, elected International President. Hugh Ingraham, Winnipeg, appointed Society Public Relations Director.

1964 LO’L second in Society membership. Floyd Olson retires as editor of Pitch Piper. Les Gurr, Winnipeg, takes over as editor.

1965 New Int’l Champs, the Four Renegades, head Faculty at LOL Quartet Workshop at Stevens Point. Winnipeg logs 54,000 man-miles to attend Appleton Convention.

1966 Les Gurr, Winnipeg, retires as editor of Pitch Piper, Doug Huntington, Stevens Point takes over. First LO =L COTS held at Eau Claire. Harmony train to Grand Forks Convention.

1967 Fred Seegert, First Vice President Int =l Board. Frank Hermsen and Jay Austin elected Int’l Board members.

1968 Doug Huntington retires editor of Pitch Piper, Roger Sorenson, Grand Forks takes over.

1969 District reorganized into six Divisions, each supervised by a Vice President. Gay Nineties Quartet on U.S.O. tour.

1970 Hut-Four on second Far East U.S.O. Tour.

1971 Night Howls, Gemini Crickets & Gay 90's on Far East U.S.O. tour.

1972 LO’L membership at all time high of 3,223

1973 Twin Cities area hosts first LO’L Logopedics Spectacular. ( Minneapolis, St Paul, Bloomington, Minnetonka, St Croix Valley and Chisago Lakes involved).

1974 District Small Chapter Chorus added. Divisions receive names. Schmitt Brothers honored for 25 years of quarteting.

1975 Happiness Emporium Crowned International Champs at Indianapolis.

1976 Sibley High School ( W. St Paul) Young Men in Harmony cuts learning tapes for International. Minneapolis chapter represented in District Champion Quartet for 6 th consecutive year.

1977 LO’L has 1 st Mini-Harmony College at Bemidji. Jim Bennett, Madison, retires as editor of Pitch Piper. Dave Olson, Manitowoc, takes over as editor.

1978 Oshkosh, WI chapter wins Logopedics Award for 2 nd year. Dave Olson, Manitowoc, is Int’l Bulletin Editor of the Year. Minneapolis Commodores place 5 th in Int’l Chorus contest at Cincinnati.

1979 Twin Cities chapters host 42 nd International Convention in Minneapolis. Minneapolis Commodores place 3 rd in chorus contest.

1980 Minneapolis Commodores place 4 th in Int’l Chorus contest in Salt Lake City.

1981 Seven new Chapters licensed and 5 Chapters chartered. Over 200 Quartets compete in Wisconsin Young Men in Harmony program.

1982 Dick Teeters, St Paul, is Int’l Bulletin Editor of the Year. Three new Chapters chartered. LO’L host to Societies largest COTS with 383 men.

1983 Four Chapters chartered. Minneapolis Commodores represent LO’L in Chorus contest in Seattle, WA

1984 First Comedy Quartet contest introduced at Appleton in May. Young Men in Harmony and COTS projects continue to be largest in the Society.

1985 Death of Joe Schmitt ends 35 years of the Schmitt Brothers Quartet. Minneapolis area chapters hosted 48 th International Convention. Logopedics contributions reach $47,221 or $14.18 per man in District.

1986 The Windom Chorus sang in 29 Churches on only 3 Sundays in June-July. Racine’s Church Singers capped 17 years signing under Bob Gall =s direction with 29 appearances in churches of 5 different denominations.

1987 Carmen Lane concludes a record 29 years as chorus director at Stevens Point. LO’L COTS outgrows its quarters and moves to Bloomington. Dick Teeters, St Paul, is Int’l Bulletin Editor of the Year.

1988 Twenty year Historian Harry Purinton finishes and publishes LO’L – “The Early Years” 1943-1980. LO’L Assn of Quartet Champions christened in Racine in October. LO’L Hall of Fame becomes reality at Fall Convention.

1989 Dick Teeters, St Paul, becomes 8 th Editor of the Pitch Piper. Three new Plateaus used in Fall District scoring for chorus competition in St Paul. Jim Richards, Minneapolis elected as 46 th International President, the 5 th from LO’L to be so distinguished.

1990 Grandma’s Beaus (Miller, Stump, Griffith & Richards) win Senior Int’l Quartet “Gold” at Mid-winter in Tucson. No LO’L BOTY names this year. Green Bay Fall Convention features 1 st ASeniors Quartet Contest @ and visit by Betty Cash, daughter of Society Co-founder O C Cash. Rock Valley Chapter formed. First Russian Quartet, The Silent Don, appears on “On To Fame” Show in June.

1991 Great Northern Union Chorus scores 3 rd place finish in Louisville. Three LO’L Quartets finish in top 20. Twelve dollar Int’l dues increase somewhat controversial. ADC (Assn of District Quartet Champions) recognized as affiliate of the LO’L District at Fall Convention held in LaCrosse.

1992 Harold Ebel, 1988 District BOTY, dies in tragic house fire on Feb 1 st. Little Falls Chapter chartered during Spring Convention in LaCrosse. GNU =s Chorus places 4 th in New Orleans & LO’L’s 4 Quartets collectively finish highest ever. LO’L membership declines to 2,471.

1993 LO’L is 50 years young and celebrates “Golden Anniversary” in Rochester in October with gala ADC Show & introduction of revitalized contest scoring system. Racines Dairy Statesmen reach same milestone of 50 years. Prelims held in Winnipeg and Albert Lea places 1 st in Int’l Achievement Program out of 187 Chapters in Plateau 3. Popular Show Quartets Night Howls, Roadrunners and Happiness Emporium hang up the pitchpipe.

1994 Appleton, Green Bay, Milwaukee and Minneapolis Chapters observe 50 th anniversaries. First “John Foster Friendship Award” presented to Dave Nyberg. District Achievement winners include: AAA Minneapolis, AA Rochester, A Thunder Bay.

1995 LO’L membership now at 2,422 but still 5 th largest of 16 Districts. Midwest Vocal Express sweeps Chorus competition at 7 th Buckeye Invitational. Top Gun program inaugurated, Hilltop 5 th and Excalibur 10 th at New Orleans. Oshkosh, Manitowoc, Madison and Kenosha Chapters observe 50 th. Hancock, MI and Belle Plain, MN are newest licensed Chapters.

1996 Society reoganizes. Russ Seeley, Pioneer District, represents LO’L on Society Board. Area Counselor program replaced with Chapter Coaches. Chapter Officers revised. Wausau, Wisconsin Rapids celebrate 50 yrs. GNU 6 th at Salt Lake City. Email net grows.

1997 Midwest Vocal Express again sweeps chorus honors at Buckeye Invitational. Four Clips, 1960 Champs, retire after 42 years. LaCrosse celebrates 50 yrs. GNU and Excalibur both place 7 th at Indy. Lawrence University’s Free Fall are College Quartet Champs. LO’Lers help Red River flood victims.

1998 Winnipeg celebrates 50 th. Excalibur 6 th in Atlanta, GNU 8 th. ADC produces cassette recording of past LO’L quartet champions. Fall quartet finals contest in Fargo experiments with 14 minute “show package” format. Midwest Vocal Express Chorus secures “wild card” spot for International contest in Anaheim.

1999 Hilltop and Greendale Choruses finish 7 th and 9 th respectively at Anaheim. Both also qualify for 2000 International contest. Fall Quartet Finals again experiment with Ashow package @ format. Dick Teeters elected to Society Probe Hall of Fame Honor. Society establishes goal of 100 chapters by year end of 2000.

2000 For the 2 nd straight year both Greendale and Hilltop Choruses qualify for International chorus contest. Hilltop finishes 4 th, Greendale 8 th. Five LO’L quartets compete in Kansas City and Excalibur finalist for the 4 th consecutive year. Gay Nineties quartet celebrates fifty years as a registered quartet.

2001 Hilltop and Greendale both finish in the top 10 at Nashville chorus contest. Hilltop was 6 th and Greendale just 20 points behind them in 7 th. Quartets competing were Excalibur finishing 9 th and Breakpoint finishing 28 th. A record 41 Quartets and 22 Choruses qualified to compete at the Fall District contest in Rochester.

2002 The Greendale Midwest Vocal Express Chorus takes 5 th place medalist honors at Portland. Hilltop Great Northern Union is right behind in 6 th place. Excalibur tops the LO’L quartets in Portland followed by Breakpoint and Innovation. Downstate Express, 1982 District Champs retire after 25 years.

2003 The Greendale Midwest Vocal Express Chorus AGreen Army @ routine takes 5 th place medalist honors in Montreal. Hilltop is again in the top 10. Quartets Excalibur and Breakpoint sing their swan song in Rochester. Stevens Point celebrates 50 years.

2004 Downstate Express comes out of retirement to win the Senior Quartet Contest in Biloxi. Bravo finishes as a Quarterfinalist in Louisville. Hilltop tops Greendale, both are in the top ten again. Dick Teeters retires after 15 years as Pitch Piper editor.

2005 The Hilltop “Great Northern Union” chorus won 5 th place medalist honors in Salt Lake City. The Greendale “Midwest Vocal Express” placed 10 th. Quest made the semi-finals at 20 th and After Midnight finished 37 th. Bob and Bill Fricke become the first father-son Pitch Piper co-editors.

2006 The Greendale Midwest Vocal Express Chorus medals in Indy. Minneapolis and Mason City combine to put 150 on stage in Rochester. Quest reaches the top twenty in the Indy quartet competition.

2007 Greendale and Minneapolis represent the District at Denver. Hilltop qualified but declined. Voices Only reach top 20 in the Quartet contest. Jim Lee elected Society Treasurer effective Jan 2008. Perfect Timing and Aarps-a-Chord represent District at Mid-Winter.

2008 Greendale represents the District at Nashville. Vocality reaches top 20 in Quartet contest. Perfect Timing and Easy Days represent District at Mid-Winter.

2009 Three choruses, Hilltop, Greendale and Minneapolis represent District at Anahiem with Hilltop placing 3rd. Vocality and Voce reach top 20 with Voce the Saturday night mic tester. Perfect Timing was our representative at Mid-Winter. Downstate Express Quartet inducted into the Hall Of Fame.

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